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President’s Message

Situated in the city of Gaziantep, in the modern Republic of Turkey, SANKO University, which adopts servicing to our country and humanity as a principle, was established to prepare young people who are knowledgeable, researcher, questioning, self-confident, prone to team work, critical thinker, productive, and those who set an example...

Prof. Dr. Güner Dağlı

Rector’s Message

Sanko University is one of Turkey’s first thematic medical universities located in Gaziantep, which was one of the cornerstones of the world history and ancient cultural heritage. Established within the framework of the experience, tradition and vision of a community that attaches great importance to health and health service issues,...

Abdulkadir KONUKOĞLU

Honorary President

We are glad to have such a university which provides training only for medicine and health sciences. Since it is a thematic university in the field of health, Sanko University plays a key role in health sector in Turkey. Abdülkadir KONUKOĞLU

Student Affairs

Data System

The academic and personal data belonging to students is involved within this system.


The requirements to complete admissions in our university easily and within the shortest time.

Student Clubs

We have 28 student clubs established in the hope of contributing to the improvement of...

List of Publications

It involves all of the academic studies carried out by our university members.

‘Honesty is the key to success’

Sani Konukoğlu