Rector’s Message

Sanko University is one of Turkey’s first thematic medical universities located in Gaziantep, which was one of the cornerstones of the world history and ancient cultural heritage.

Established within the framework of the experience, tradition and vision of a community that attaches great importance to health and health service issues, our university aims to provide added value to both local and universal knowledge while educating individuals who will serve the country and the entire humanity with its service approach to human beings. SANKO University is committed to creating a free, peaceful and safe environment that is connected to the culture of its territory, nurtured by the light of the future, and where everyone who is excited to explore can efficiently research. In this framework, it provides opportunities for all of our members to have scientific and artistic experiences thanks to both physical and social opportunities.

Along with social opportunities and increasing universal understanding of the world and knowledge, emerging technologies has led to the requirement to present the most appropriate environment for new generation of different senses in which science, art and universality are at the forefront and they can develop themselves. SANKO University, with his students, academics, alumni and employees, have adopted the principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement in education and training infrastructure to respond to the requirements of the century and the world he lived in Turkey.

Continuing to work with this vision, which is determined in line with the changing needs of students and the changing perceptions of generations, SANKO University advocates an understanding of education which is supported by theoretical knowledge and practical application in the field and laboratory.

While SANKO University, where many new technologies are introduced and have been developed and, is able to exchange information and experience with the regular visits of many academicians and valuable scientists who have proven themselves worldwide, it also aims to make a great contribution to the universal knowledge heritage while benefiting both the region and the country with its research and development projects. I am confident that we will achieve the most appropriate environment necessary to take the added value of knowledge and experience further, with our vision of harmony and knowledge-oriented vision of the developing world.

I hope that you will enjoy your time in our university and that your knowledge and experience will be your greatest support in reaching your goals in the future.

As the doctors, teachers, rectors and deans of the future, we expect the days when you will receive your academic trust from us.