Counseling and Psychology Service

Clinical Psychologist Işıl AFAT



SANKO University Psychological Counseling Center (PCC) is the unit that provides psychological counseling and guidance services to students of SANKO University (undergraduate, postgraduate, vocational school of higher education).

Our Objective

Psychological Counseling is a help process provided by an Expert Clinical Psychologist aimed at the individuals to gain awareness about the problems they experienced, understand themselves, make decisions about what they want to improve or change in life, produce solutions, establish a harmonious and healthy communication with their environment, and develop their own social skills and capacity. The interviews are held by considering the principles of privacy and objectivity.
According to the principle of privacy; all interviews are kept private. The information of the counselee cannot be shared with any person, unit or institution without the knowledge and approval of the person.
According to the privacy principle, our students benefit from PCC services regardless of any difference (gender, social class, religion, race, ethnic identity, etc.).

PCC Services

Individual Interviews:

Individual interviews are conducted on a voluntary basis with the Clinical Clinical Psychologist. Interviews take 45-50 minutes. Interviews start once a week. In the ongoing process, the frequency of the meeting is decided together with the expert.

The interviews proceed in a process where they work together with the Expert Clinical Psychologist through the problems or goals set and take responsibility for the client’s problems and goals. Psychological counseling is a process that takes a certain time and requires effort.


Seminars and interviews planned in line with their needs and demands are organized in order to raise awareness of students on various psychological issues.

Who can apply for PCC?

  • First of all, those who feel that they need psychological support and counseling.
  • Those who need to share stress events that they cannot share with anyone in a safe environment
  • Those who have difficulty with expressing themselves
  • Those who want to know themselves better and develop their capacities
  • Those who want to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Those who feel hopelessness, sadness, and unwillingness
  • Those who have problems in anger control
  • Those with obsessive thoughts, fear and phobias
  • Those with traumatic experiences in past or present life
  • Those who have self-confidence problems
  • Those who have difficulty in adapting to their environment
  • Those who have difficulties in establishing relationships with others
  • Those who have problems and conflicts in family, friends and romantic relationships
  • Those who complain about not using time effectively and postponing what they will do
  • Those who think that they have difficulty in taking responsibility compared to the past

How to apply for PCC?

Our center is in service between 09:00 and 17:30 every weekday. You can apply to PCC via the website , the appointment center 0850 811 87 65 or face to face.

Location of PCC

SANKO University Sani Konukoğlu Training and Research Hospital The New Building Entrance Floor (The first counter on your left when you enter the building) Tel:0342 211 65 00 Internal Tel: 5387 (PCC) or 5378-79 (counter)


Is applying to PCC a personal weakness?

From time to time, every individual may feel stressed, anxious, unhappy, and too helpless to solve the problems they face. It is very natural to seek help in such cases. Seeking help by contacting a psychological counseling center does not indicate that the person is weak or sick. On the contrary, being aware of troubles and feeling ready to face with these troubles is an indicator of strength.

Can I benefit from PCC services for free?

Yes, all SANKO University students (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Vocational School of Higher Education Students) can benefit from PCC services free of charge.

A lecturer led me to PCC, do I have to come?

The psychological counseling process is possible only with the volunteering of the person. One must be willing to benefit from it. Therefore, applying to PCC and continuing is one’s own choice. If you are having any indecision about whether to come or not, you can make an appointment with PCC even just to talk about it.

In which situations I should apply to PCC?

From time to time, there are times when everyone feels bad. However, if you think that your negative situation keeps your mind busy, affects your life negatively, creates an obstacle for you and if you want to improve your coping skills with these situations, you can apply to PCC.

I do not want to use psychiatric medication: Can I overcome my difficulties only with the help of a specialist clinical psychologist?

If there is a psychiatric drug you continue to use, this is a treatment that should be left or continued under psychiatrist control. In some diseases, it is necessary to use it for a lifetime, while in others it can be reduced by the control of the doctor. This is completely related to the course of the disease. If necessary, you can be directed to the psychiatrist by the expert clinical psychologist during interviews at PCC.

How long do I need to continue interviews in PCC?

How long you will continue the interviews is a process that you will decide with a specialist clinical psychologist based on the subject you want to get help and the priorities in your life. Interviews can be ended at the end of 1-2 sessions or they can be planned as long term sessions that will last for 1-2 years.

What happens if I cannot come to my appointment from PCC in time?

If you cannot come to the session, you must call our appointment center to change or cancel your appointment. In addition, if you delay 15 minutes to your session, your session is canceled within that day in accordance with session duration limits and session responsibilities.