Frequently Asked Questions

What are the registration procedures?

Students are accepted according to Board of Higher Education’s procedures.Students who are graduated from high school take YKS exam and can apply to our university depending on their exam grades

What scholarships do you offer?

Go to scholarships page…

If I suspend my studies what percentage of the tuition fees am I liable for?

Are graduates from Private Sanko Schools eligible for any scholarship?

Which point type is used for accepting students?

What are the exchange student opportunities?

What are your conditions for payment of fees?

Do any of your departments accept students via the DGS exam (Vertical Transfer Exam for vocational high school students) ?

Is there summer school in your university?

What are the admission requirements, fees and number of allocated places for foreign students?

What is the education language?

All the lessons are in Turkish.

Is there any preparatory Program?

What are the library facilities?

All students are the member of the library. You can click on the link below to reach library.

Library Page

What are the lunchroom and cafeteria services available to students?

Sanko University provides the best quality food in the best hygienic way.
In the campus, students have table d’hote or a la carte menu options. Also, we have two cafeterias. In addition, there are vending machines that students can buy beverage.

What are the regulations for undertaking a double major program and a minor program?

What are the recreational opportunities do you offer students?

What are the internship opportunities?

How can a students delay military service duty?