About Gaziantep

General Information

Gazinatep, in which Sof Mountains are located, has Dülükbaba, Sam, Ganibaba and Sarıkaya Mountains. İslahiye, Barak, Araban, Yavuzeli and Oğuzeli are the important lowlands; Fırat River, Nizip Brook, Afrin Brook, Merziman Brook and Alleben Stream are important rivers of the city. There are olive, pistachio, fruit and vegetable, grapes and wheat fields since it has arable soil. In Gaziantep forests, you can see partridge, black francolin, canvasback, owl, dove, rabbit and wild boar.


Continental climate is typical in Gaziantep. Summer is hot and dry, winter is cold and rainy.


Araban, İslahiye, Karkamış, Nizip, Oğuzeli, Nurdağı, Şahinbey, Şehitkamil, Yavuzeli.

Important Links:

Metropolitan Municipality:  https://gaziantep.bel.tr/
Office of the Governor :  http://www.gaziantep.gov.tr/sehrimiz
Şahinbey District Governorate:  http://www.sahinbey.gov.tr/ilcemiz
Şahinbey Municipality: https://www.sahinbey.bel.tr
Şehitkamil District Governorate: http://sehitkamil.gov.tr/
Şehitkamil Municipality : https://www.sehitkamil.bel.tr/