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Publish Date: 19/07/2019

In recent years, both in terms of the nursing profession in many parts of the world and in Turkey, nursing is advancing rapidly both in terms of conceptual development professional. The number of nurses in the health sector and the need for them is increasing.

Nursing focuses on the care of individuals, families and societies, bringing together science and social sciences in order to protect, maintain the health of all people, to provide treatment and rehabilitation of impaired health, and to treat individuals in physiological, psychological, social, spiritual terms

Professional nurses feel the responsibility of the people’s life from birth to death and provide care according to needs. Nurses reflect the science and art of nursing by presenting their theoretical knowledge and practices on the basis of serving the society.

Nursing is also defined as a profession that maintains its own science in cooperation with the physician and gives care to the individuals.

The concept of care in nursing profession can change with technology. Since the beginning of our profession, technological developments in the field of intensive care and emergency services have made our nursing care suitable for the modern age. The number of nurses seeking evidence-based nursing care is increasing day by day. Since the aim is to increase the quality of life and protect human health, we see similar practices with other developed countries in the field of nursing and maintain the latest literature-based care and change the nursing perception of the society.

Since nursing profession is in the health sector in our country, it is perceived as a profession that will not leave the individual unemployed for life. In this respect, male nurses have increased in the last two decades. The students who will choose this profession will not only have the feeling of having a profession, earning money, but will also help a baby born, help a sick child, an elderly, a cancer patient, an intensive care patient, paralysed individual, reflecting the social sensitivity knowing that they will have a profession for the society that will make them more successful.

Our biggest dream is to educate nurses who are able to successfully do their nursing care plans for community health centers, hospitals, rehabilitation units, social support groups, and thus increasing the quality of life of all healthy or sick individuals with the care service they provide, as well as adopting the evidence-based practices, and enjoying the systematic work.