Legal Warning

Publish Date: 07/05/2019





SANKO University Library is forbidden to copy the resources in the databases with automatic download programs or systematically in accordance with the license agreements. Violation of this may result in the suspension of our subscription, blocking of access to resources for a period of time, or cancellation of our agreement. In order to prevent such problems, we strongly encourage you, to comply with the following rules.



1- A certain number of printed or electronic copies can be made (for example, a single article, a part of a book, a single thesis, etc.)

2- You can use it to meet your course needs. (For example, in your research or lesson.)

3- You can share the information obtained from the databases with staff and students within SANKO University.



1- It is forbidden to copy a large number of publications and transfer them to personal computers from the databases using commercial and systematic robots and similar software. Using 3rd Party software (Getright, Flashget, Smart robot, etc.) during article and bibliographic record downloading, systematic downloading, downloading of all records of the journal or database from the same machine is prohibited worldwide under the Copyright Law.

2- It is forbidden to sell and distribute the database.

3- It is forbidden to transfer the information copied from the database to people outside the University.

4- It is forbidden to distribute content information or articles copied from the database via e-mail lists.

5- It is forbidden to make changes to the records downloaded from the database or to create similar works by using them.

6- The names of the authors, the copyright notes of the author or owner of the work or any other identification and rights appearing on the licensed materials cannot be deleted or changed.


Please confirm and continue.