Off-Campus Access

Publish Date: 07/05/2019

What is “Off-Campus Access”?

It provides off-campus access to library electronic resources (databases, periodicals, e-books) for SANKO University members (students, full-time faculty and staff).

Why do we use a VPN Server?

In accordance with our license agreement with the databases we use, these libraries and databases are accessed only through the IP numbers owned by SANKO University. These databases provide user authentication with a user name and password query when attempting to connect to databases from anywhere outside SANKO University. Within the SANKO University, the user’s IP address is checked by this site when connecting to libraries and databases via internet browser and if the IP address is among the valid IP addresses of SANKO University, user authentication is provided without asking for a user name and password. Therefore we use a VPN server.

How can I benefit from “Off-Campus Access”?

With the enclosed Forticlient installation, you can connect to these databases (outside SANKO University) via a VPN server.

How to set up VPN?

For external access to SANKO University Library databases, you need to install the VPN interface (Forticlient) on your computer.

In the VPN setup (Forticlient) you can follow the attached instructions.

Click here for External Access settings.