Library Rules

Publish Date: 07/05/2019

1. Every student, academic and administrative staff of SANKO University is registered for one-time membership through the library automation system. The registered user can use library resources at any time.

2. All other users who want to use our library can come to the library and use the library each time by filling in the External User Form, but they cannot borrow resources.

3. Reference resources, advisory resources (atlases, dictionaries, and encyclopaedias), periodicals and theses are not borrowed.

4. Members who have already registered to the library automation program can borrow resources by showing their SANKO University ID card to the library clerk if they wish to borrow resources. No resources are lent to people without an ID card. Resources cannot be borrowed with someone else’s identity card.

5. A source borrowed by other readers can be reserved in advance. However, if the returned resource is not received from the library within two days, the reservation will be cancelled.

6. Academic and administrative staff members of SANKO University can borrow 10 (ten) books at a time for 1 (one) month.

7. SANKO University students can borrow 3 (three) books for 15 (fifteen) days at a time.

8. In case of delayed borrowed resources, 50 (fifty) kr. delay penalty is taken.

9. Members who have overdue books cannot borrow another book without returning the books and paying the specified delay.

10. The extension of the borrowed books can be renewed 4 (four) times for faculty members and 2 (two) times for students if they are not requested by another reader at the end of the loan period.

11. The library manager or librarian may, if necessary, request the borrowed resources from the user, even if the return period has not yet expired.

12. Those who destroy or damage the library resources inside and outside the library are requested to obtain a new resource that is destroyed or damaged. However, if the same resource cannot be found, another resource is requested on the same subject. If no other resource is available on the same subject, 50% of the resource amount to be determined by the university is collected from the user against receipt.

13. The Library Directorate warns the users who borrow any resources and do not return them on time.

14. Library users can access the electronic publications to which the university library subscribes from within and outside the university with the IP codes / passwords provided to them. Users who do not comply with the rules may be restricted from accessing the system, and the user is responsible for any damages, losses, damages and other payments that may arise from the obligation of violation and / or incurred by the University. In this case, all kinds of legal and criminal responsibility belongs to the user.

15. If the library security system warns at the library entry-exit, the library users are supposed to demonstrate, etc. the belongings to the library officer. Legal measures are taken for those who attempt to take resources from the library without permission.

16. It is forbidden to enter the library with food and beverages, as well as to smoke in the library, to use a mobile phone, to speak loudly, and to disturb other library users.

17. Users are responsible for their belongings. Library management cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

18. The study rooms in our library can be used for group work by making an appointment.

19. Disciplinary provisions and other legal procedures shall be executed for users who do not fulfil the
specified obligations.

20. Members are deemed to comply with the provisions of the directive.