Mobile Library

Sanko University Library is now in your pocket

Android and iOS versions of My Mobile Library Mobile Application have been launched and our users can download the application to their phones by searching “My Mobile Library’’ from Google Play Store and App Store.

Our students can start using the application by entering their school numbers in the user name and password sections, and their registration numbers by academic and administrative staff.

Our members will also be able to browse our library catalogue. After browsing, they can add the resource they have found to the reading lists within the application and apply to our library to borrow it later. In addition, the members can search all libraries that use Procedure Library Automation.

Our members will be able to make extension transactions through their mobile phones. Reminders will be sent to our members by the Procedure.

As a library, personal or collective notifications can be sent to our members and our members receive notifications through their accounts.

Click here to download the application to Android devices for free.

Click here to download the app to iPhone and Windows Phone devices for free.