Dean’s Message

Publish Date: 07/05/2019

Dear colleagues, aspiring colleagues and esteemed guests,

Since ancient times, the teaching of medicine as both a people-oriented science and a profession dedicated to humanity, has involved certain disciplines. This is a long-established practice involving a master-apprentice relationship. But you need to know this; medical training starts when you enter the medical faculty but it does not finish there. This training continues throughout life and requires constant learning, with no letup. Undergraduate study is the first and the most important stage of this challenging process.

In the year ahead, we at SANKO Medical School will meet the students who are joining us for the first step of their undergraduate study, as well as be reunited with our very first cohort of students with whom we set out on this journey last year and who are returning for the second year of their medical studies.

Our education team is shaped by experienced faculty members, highly regarded within their fields, and is steadily being strengthened and enriched by highly qualified additions to our faculty. We can’t wait to share our modern education program, our new projects and our experience with our new, young aspiring colleagues.

With each new academic year, and with the support of our respected University Foundation, our excitement and enthusiasm reaches new heights. With the valued assistance of the long-established Özel Sani Konukoğlu Hospital, SANKO Medical School is proud to have already accomplished much in terms of meeting our educational and research goals, providing quality health care, and working towards our vision of becoming an important research centre in the healthcare field.

The aim of SANKO Medical School is to train medical professionals at internationally accepted standard, to have an inquiring mind; to undertake continuous self-development and improvement; to know the health problems of our country; to have the knowledge, skills and approach to overcome these problems through the provision of primary health care; to carry out medical and administrative duties within health organizations; and to observe and respect the laws and ethical rules required by the profession. We aim to produce doctors who are aware of their responsibilities and professional values; defenders and promoters of the health of the individual and of society; contributing scientists committed to self-improvement; collaborative communicators; amenable and effective members of interprofessional teams; and competent advisers or managers during the course of their professional service. To achieve this, we run a student-centred learning program that incorporates all branches of medicine and is based on the concepts of evidence-based and humanitarian medicine. Our students not only benefit from a sound basic medical education but also have the opportunity to consolidate this knowledge with clinical practice and data, even at this early stage in their education. Throughout their training, they will be introduced to the latest technological developments and innovations within the medical field. They will also be involved in community-based research and social responsibility projects giving them valuable experience for their career plans. As an example, our students who are only just beginning their second year of training and who were personally involved in research projects, had the opportunity to present their reports and findings at international conferences.

In line with the Bologna Process model, elective courses and practical training make up 20-25% of the medical program. Our students will have the opportunity to take up placements abroad, primarily within EU medical schools, where they will not only be able to develop their foreign language skills to further their careers, but will also have the chance to carry out and publish biomedical research. As a result of all this, and the positive academic and social environment fostered by the university, it gives us great happiness to enable our students to become proud, confident members of SANKO University.

We are aware that our first graduates from SANKO Medical School will be among the young practising medical professionals in the centenary year of our Republic. This only increases our commitment and our enthusiasm. I wholeheartedly believe that our graduates will not only become good doctors who keep up-to-date with current medical practices, but will also become competent scientists who contribute to and steer medical development. This confidence is mostly due to the University management and to all members of our team, and I therefore extend my gratitude to all of them.

I wish you all good health and happiness.

Prof. Dr. Salih Murat AKKIN