General Information

The aim of the programme

The aim of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master Programme is to upskill the students to do research independently, to make comments on scientific developments through a broad perspective and identify necessary stages to reach to new implications. In addition, the programme aims to train young researchers and faculty members who have comprehended the concept and methods of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, who owns the skills of interpreting the hands on experiences, who can contribute to the national and international projects, and who can project their knowledge to the scientific fields through scientific papers, articles and books.

Who can apply to the programme

Those who have graduated from at least a four-year Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation pragramme.

Employment of graduates

Graduates can pursue their academic career at Doctoral Programmes of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation as well as working as a physiotherapist at hospitals and other health institutions and being a part of research and development studies.