Message Of Institute Manager

In accordance with Article 1 of the President’s Decision No. 968 dated 17/04/2019, published in the Official Gazette dated April 18, 2019 and numbered 30749, our university’s Insitute of Health Sciences and Institute of Science have been closed and a Postgraduate Education Institute has been established under the Rectorate of our University. Our institute is committed to contribute to the lifelong education and development process of the society by providing postgraduate education to the students who adapt to today’s technological developments, blend these developments with medicine and other disciplines successfully, in the structure of researching, questioning and analytical thinking. For this purpose, the postgraduate programs in the field of health in our university aim to contribute to the economy by establishing a relation between the basic and clinical sciences. With its increasing number of postgraduate programs day by day, our institute has been one of the outstanding educational institutions of our region. We invite all graduate students who will share our goals with us by applying to the postgraduate programs of our university and who are willing to achieve these goals with us, to join our Postgraduate Education Institute.


Prof. Dr. Ayşen BAYRAM
Head of Institute