General Information

Publish Date: 18/09/2019

The aim of the programme

In parallel with technological developments, the improvements in health services have influenced nursing education and its practice. In order for nurses to provide quality care to their patients, they are required to have a good knowledge of their specialty, application skills and to be able to use technology efficiently. For this reason, it is crucial for nurses with bachelor’s degree to continue their education and practices through master’s degree.

The aim of Nursing Master Programme with Thesis is to educate professional nurses open to innovations, who are capable of planning and providing evidence-based nursing practices, who can be a role model as an academician and researcher.

Who can apply to the programme

Those who have graduated from at least four-year Nursing or Health Officers pragrammes.

Employment of graduates

They can work as specialist, clinical, trainer, and supervisor nurses in hospitals and other health institutions. In addition, they can participate in research and development studies and give service in the Academy by applying to Nursing Master degree or Doctorate programmes.