About Us

Publish Date: 19/07/2019

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics consists of two departments, namely ‘Nutrition Sciences’ and ‘Dietetics ’. Programs are conducted by experienced academic staff.

Job Description:

Dietitian is a competent person who investigates nutritional and nutritional health problems, evaluates, finds solutions, provides the use of food resources in accordance with health rules, informs the individual and the society about these issues, raises awareness, plans a diet program according to the composition of foods, in accordance with the treatments given in diseases and other special cases and provides education, implementation and monitoring.

Department Curriculum:

The curriculum of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics includes theoretical courses and applications (general, organic, physical and quantitative analysis) of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, basic medical sciences as well as nutritional sciences (nutrition biochemistry, nutrition principles, food chemistry, etc.).

Programs are directly related to nutrition, food and diet practices. In addition to theoretical lectures and laboratory studies, students participate in food service systems in institutions, therapeutic nutrition programs for all age groups, and applied studies in the field of public health and nutrition in hospitals. Through the trainings, students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the principles, concepts and nutrition profession.

Education Period:

The education period of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department is 4 years.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates::

Nutrition and Dietetics Program has been structured in accordance with international criteria to educate graduates who can work as Clinical Dietician, Polyclinic Dietitian, Executive Dietician, Public Health Dietician, Consultant Dietitian, Educational Dietitian, Researcher Dietitian and who have the qualifications to be employed in many fields such as treatment institutions, food and beverage services, public health services, weight control centers, food industry and industry, research centers, formal and non-formal education institutions,